About the Capital Area Promise

The Capital Area Promise is a collaborative initiative between Baton Rouge's education institutions to guarantee that all students have the opportunity to enroll in college and/or enter the workforce with skills to succeed. The Capital Area Promise articulates our community's broad aspirations, which allows institutions, agencies, businesses, and groups to align existing programs to the overall mission.

Elements of the Promise: Our Commitments

  • Access to early childhood education
  • College and workplace tours for students
  • Middle school pledge by students and parents committing to college and career readiness
  • Summer employment and experiential learning for local students
  • Guaranteed admission to post-secondary or technical education

Goals for the Promise: Our Metrics

  1. Increase the number of opportunities and certified staff in early childhood learning centers
  2. Expand college campus and workplace tours for 5th-9th graders
  3. Increase the number of students participating summer employment and internship programs
  4. Increase the percentage of high school students in East Baton Rouge Parish who are prepared for college or technical education through dual enrollment credits and articulation opportunities
  5. Increase the percentage of East Baton Rouge Parish students that place at college level math and English
  6. Increase the percentage of students who earn degrees and/or technical certifications (BRCC, ABC-Pelican Chapter, etc.)
  7. Increase the percentage of BRCC students who successfully transfer to LSU, Southern University, or another four-year college/university
  8. Increase the percentage of LSU and Southern University students who graduate with a bachelor's and/or advanced degrees
  9. Reduce barriers and increase awareness around college affordability
  10. Expand preparation programs/initiatives for teachers and school leaders at LSU, Southern University, and BRCC.